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Employee Benefits

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Advance Technology now offers the folowing benefits.......


           Hotel and Cash Advance

Advance Technology Inc. offers it employees some of the best benefits in the industry.  Our employee relocation assistance allows our employee to go to a job and ATI will advance a hotel for 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks each employee has to start paying his own hotel or provide for their living arrangements.  If needed we will also advance $100.00 dollars the first week and the second week for food and transportation.  This is a privilege and if abused will be revoked at the discretion of an ATI’s company representative.



             DIRECT DEPOSIT

Advance Technology Inc. provides direct deposit to all of its employees so that everyone can be paid in a timely and accurate fashion.  These fund are deposited into each employee existing account or a pay access account can be opened at a local bank. 



Upon hiring insurance is available. After an employee has worked for ATI for 6 months without a break in service, 50% of insurance cost are paid and each employee will be eligible for group health insurance for themselves and their family.   This insurance will be deducted from the employees check and ATI will contribute the remaining balance.  If an employee is no longer employed they are still eligible for insurance 30 days after his or her last day.

Dental is available through Delta Dental after 30 days of employment.



Advance Technology Inc. will pay each employee per diem when our customer requires relocation to a city or state that is at least 75 miles away from the employee’s legal residence.  The employee will have to prove residence with legal documents from the city and state of residence.  The rates for per diem varies from city to city depending on the cost of living outlined by the federal government.




While working for ATI we will provide Workers Compensation on each of our employees insuring that if an accident occurs they will be covered with the highest limit of liability coverage’s available. 




401 K
After 60 days begining on the 1st of the following month each employee will be eligable for 401K. ATI will match 50% up to 6% of what the employee defers into the plan.


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